Digitzs is a painless, quick and profitable way to build payments into your platform, app or marketplace.

We are former execs from Visa, Apple and PayPal. We’re here to make payments painless for platforms, apps and marketplaces. See Team

We are a well-­funded, two-year-old start­up in private beta. We have over $1 billion in processing commitments from platforms just like yours.

We created our solution for white label platforms that process ticketing payments for sporting events, fine payments for city governments, tuition payments for schools, etc.

We’re here to make payments painless and profitable for platforms, apps and marketplaces. Your users get an international merchant account in seconds without ever leaving your site; we collect your fees at no cost; and you earn commissions for life. All via a white label, risk free solution. Now that rocks.

We offer simple, flat rate pricing of 2.9%, plus 30¢ per transaction.Learn more.

Yes. Like Stripe, WePay and PayPal, we charge your merchants 2.9% and $.30, however, unlike others, we pay you the difference between 2.7% and 2.9% monthly, starting with your first transaction ($2K per $1M per month processed by your merchants). Also, unlike our competitors, we allow you to add whatever value­ added fee you wish to each transaction and you’ll get paid in two days. Learn More

Visa, MasterCard and American Express in 160 countries and most local currencies. We’ll charge your merchants 2.9% and $.30 on US cards and 3.9% and $.30 on non-US cards. At this stage, all monies must settle into a US bank account. Sorry, no increase in commissions when we go to 3.9% $.30 – this 1% gets eaten up by the card brands in cross-border fees.

Your merchants are responsible for their chargebacks. If for some reason they don’t make us whole on the loss, you are in the clear and we’ll take the hit. We help merchants resolve chargeback issues quickly and effortlessly. Once they start using Digitzs through your platform they might not ever leave.

We are platform agnostic. Whatever floats your boat will work.

Contact Beau – He’ll get the process started

Yes, anyone who passes cardholder data must be PCI compliant. That said, with us, you won’t be storing card numbers which can help you get through an audit quicker. For help with PCI Contact Security Metrics.

No. Think of us more as a gateway connected to Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We facilitate merchant accounts in white label from within your site, process transactions, split payments, pay commissions and provide reporting to you.Your merchants won’t know that we exist. We do not touch the money nor do we ever see card numbers. Our processor is one of the top three in the world. They underwrite the merchant agreements, take all the risk and move all the money. We’re just here to make this process sexy.

Yes. Soon we will settle ACH next day. There will be no cost to move money ACH via our API (another great differentiator :).

Our API is intended for use specifically by apps, marketplaces and platforms. That said, we are all very connected in the payments space and we are happy to refer you to another provider. In many cases, depending on your needs, one of the platforms or marketplaces we support may be a good option.